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An Introduction to the Cyber Security Industry in Wales

An Introduction to the Cyber Security Industry in Wales

Wednesday 3rd March, 5pm-6pm

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Have you ever wondered what hackers really do?

Or how we make sure all technology is secure and running smoothly, from planes in the air to trains on the ground?

Have you ever worried about the security threats of autonomous vehicles, or how a network is actually set up?

Cyber security is the sector that provides the answers to these questions and it undercuts so many industries in Wales, that you may not even realise it is relevant to your future aspirations.

On the 3rd March, 5pm-6pm, the *NDEC (The National Digital Exploitation Centre) will help you to visualise the extent of the employment and educational opportunities within cyber here in South Wales, and inspire you to consider its part in your future, by shedding some light on what it is all about.

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Whether you want tips for how to get into the industry, advice about where to study, or just to find out more about cyber security, please register J

A Microsoft Teams link will be sent to you via email on Tuesday 2nd March 2021.

*The National Digital Exploitation Centre is a joint initiative between the Welsh Government, technology company Thales and the University of South Wales, to deliver a centre of cyber excellence to Wales. Based in Ebbw Vale, the centre supports digital growth across the Welsh Valleys and beyond, whilst promoting the cyber sector as an employment and education pathway.

- 03/03/2021
- 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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