Dec 10

Open Your Eyes Week continues to grow

Some of the biggest names in business, arts and culture have visited schools in north Cardiff as part of the latest Open Your Eyes Week.

This is the 4th Open Your  Eyes Week, but the first time it has visited Corpus Christi High School, and primary schools in the area.

In total, 25 businesses and organisations from Cardiff and the wider city region visited five primary schools, to speak to Year 5 and Year 6 pupils, as well as Year 7 students in plus Corpus Christi.

Open Your Eyes Weeks are designed to raise the children’s career aspirations as they prepare to move from primary to secondary school.

Some reaction from the latest Open Your Eyes Week

Miss Fairchild, Year 6 teacher at St Joseph’s RC Primary School said: “It was a great week and a fantastic opportunity for the children to gain a deeper insight in to the different careers and job roles within an industry.”

Claire Griffiths from Pentan Architects who spoke at Holy Family RC Primary Primary School during the week said: “We were enthusiastic about taking part in the ‘Open Your Eyes’ week as we want to encourage young people into the construction sector; inspiring them of what they could potentially achieve and making them aware of the various roles available.”

Suzanne Williams, Head Teacher of St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary school said: “Open Your Eyes week has provided the children with an insight into the world of work that they never realised that existed. It was valuable for them to find out industries and jobs beyond traditional roles they are familiar with. The children have been enthusiastic to find out more and question the visitors we have had.”

Bowled over by Open Your Eyes

Alice, Year 5 in St Bernadette’s primary, said her favourite visitor was the visit from Glamorgan Cricket, because she learnt you don’t just play cricket, you can serve food and so many other jobs besides playing cricket. A highlight for Alice was wearing the cricket tops that the Glamorgan Cricket team have worn!

Serving up the inspiration

Joey in year 5 loved the visit from Radisson Blue. He learnt that they serve AMAZING food, there are 21 floors and 215 rooms!

It’s time to get creative

In Year 6 Heidi and Rhys agreed their favourite visitor was Bad Wolf Productions. They learnt that there are many jobs in this business, not just acting. There are designers, camera operators, musicians and even clappers!

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