Working with schools, we are helping young people to make successful transitions into the world of work through a range of activities and opportunities both in and post school. We want to:

  • Encourage the children and young people you work with to be ambitious and open their eyes to possible future career choices.
  • Create opportunities for the children and young people you work with to flourish and thrive.
  • Support the children and young people you work with to develop the skills they need to progress into their future career choice.

The Cardiff Commitment has five programmes of activity to support children and young people in Cardiff Schools and help you deliver Careers and Work Related Experiences 

If you want to know about how we can support you or you have any questions please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How can Cardiff Commitment Support you?


Provide partners to support you to develop ambtion, create opportunities and deliver skills needed for the children and young people you work with. 


Connect you with opportunties to ignite and inspire ambtion and which support progression for the children and young people you work with into education, employment and training.


Raise your awareness of where the jobs of the future will be and the skill shortages of the region so that you can support  the children and young people you work with to take advantage of education, training and employment opportunities.

It is so important for our pupils to be able to put their learning into a real-life context and to understand how subject knowledge from the classroom relates to the real world and different working environments. Over the last academic year, Cantonian has developed a strong relationship with Cardiff Commitment. This has enabled our school to provide learners with opportunities to work alongside industry professionals and gain valuable insights into how to put their knowledge and skills into practice. The recently released Estyn report Preparing for the Curriculum for Wales – case studies and cameos from secondary, all-age and special schools November 2020 highlights the excellent project-based activities undertaken within the curriculum area of Enterprise (Business, Computing and Design & Technology), where staff and pupils work in collaboration with business links provided by Cardiff Commitment.”

Karen Edge, Cantonian High School

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