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The Cardiff Commitment - We are here to help you understand the sorts of jobs and industries that are growing in Cardiff and the surrounding area and to support you to explore which jobs might be right for you. We can offer experiences, opportunities and skills which can help you decide and discover who you are and who you want to be!

Here to Support You

We are here to help you explore and discover who you are and who you want to be! We have loads of experiences, resources, training, volunteering and job opportunities for you to discover.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or just need someone to talk to! We are here for you!

Save The Date! Open Your Eyes Week is back w/c 20th November 2023.

As we move towards the end of an exciting academic year the Cardiff Commitment Team will start planning our 5th Virtual Open Your Eyes week for primary school children in years five and six from across Cardiff. 

We will be looking to open children's eyes to the different opportunities available in the world of work. Our most recent Open Your Eyes Week in June 2023 saw organisations such as Space Forge, LCB Construction, Dwr Cymru, Clayton Hotel, Stable and many more, inspire pupils across the city. Thank you to all who took part!

We know that this year will be bigger and better and the team can't wait to inspire the next generation of pupils across our schools! 

To access our Open Your Eyes Week Impact Reports please click here 2022 Open Your Eyes Week (

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Cardiff Commitment in Action

Have a look through and explore some or latest News and Events – we call these Cardiff Commitment in Action as it gives you an idea of the sorts of things happening in Cardiff which are helping children and young people across the city to move into training, education or employment. It's important to us that we keep you informed.

Another good way to see more about us and find out about how you can access these opportunities is to follow us on social media!

What's Next?

Whether you want to continue with education, do some training, volunteer, find an apprenticeships or jump straight into a job - we have lots of different options and hundreds of opportunities waiting, just for you! Visit What’s Next to find out more – new opportunities are added every week.

Growth Sectors:

These are the areas where the most job opportunities are growing in Cardiff over the next few years. So if you don’t want to move out of your area or you can’t because of family commitments or money these are some of the training or education pathways you might want to consider.

Hospitality & Retail

This sector covers everyone who works in shops, pubs, bars, hotels, and restaurants. Many young people work in this sector.


Workers in this sector help other people and businesses deal with money. This includes banks, accountants, insurance, and investment companies. 50,000 people in Cardiff work in this sector.

Media, Creative & Entertainment

This industry includes all the people who make and star in your favourite films, TV, games, and music, as well as people who make art. Cardiff is home to Bad Wolf Studios, and the BBC, ITV, and S4C all have studios in our city.


Jobs in the construction industry range from on-site construction such as builders, plumbers and electricians, as well as less physical roles such as architects and surveyors. 35,000 people across Cardiff work in this sector.

Information & Communication Technology

This sector is all about working with computers to improve cyber security, financial and medical technology, and jobs working with or fixing computers and phones. 

Advanced Manufacturing

Jobs in this sector focus on creating and making all sorts of things, from medicine and materials, to cars and trains. There are also lots of companies working to make cleaner energy and bring down carbon levels.

Health & Social Care

This sector includes all kinds of people who look after your health, like doctors, nurses, psychologists, and care workers. An incredible 160,000 people in Cardiff work in this sector!

Compound Semiconductors

Jobs in this sector involve designing and making the digital chips that are used in all sorts of smart tech, from smart-phones to electric cars. This sector is new, and will be creating loads of new jobs in and around Cardiff.

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